LaVivian Bonner – Student Highlight

Boardman Training Center Featured Student of The Month! Boardman Training Center is happy to introduce our featured student of the month, LaVivian Bonner! LaVivian is a current Phlebotomy Technician student, where she is learning the skills and knowledge that will make her a valuable asset to medical facilities upon completion of the program.  Before attending … Read more

4 Tips For Keeping Up With Your Resolutions All Year

Now that we are more than halfway through 2023, Boardman Training Center would like to check in to see how everyone is keeping up with their new year’s resolutions! Did you have a difficult time sticking to your resolutions? Or maybe you want some assistance setting good habits for the remainder of the year. If … Read more

How An Externship Can Help
You In Your Future Career

So you have made the decision to further your education and pursue a healthcare career. Congratulations on taking this important first step in your career journey! In your research, you may have heard the term externship when discussing the hands-on training you can expect in your program of choice.  Boardman Training Center is here to … Read more

Jennifer Fellows – Staff Highlight

Meet Jennifer Fellows, our Boardman Training Center’s Admissions Team Member!  Jennifer Fellows is one of the many friendly faces you can expect to see at the Boardman Traning Center, and she is often your first point of contact as a student. Working in admissions, Jennifer assists incoming and existing students with the enrollment process, scheduling … Read more

What Is An Electrocardiograph Technician?

Most medical facility patients don’t encounter electrocardiograph (EKG) technicians. Still, for those patients who do, the EKG Technician plays a crucial role in their healthcare team. EKG Technicians are important members of the healthcare team who perform necessary tests to diagnose possible heart conditions.  Want to know more about a career as an EKG technician? … Read more

What Is A Phlebotomy Technician?

If you’ve had to get bloodwork done at a medical facility for any reason, you have likely encountered a phlebotomy technician. Phlebotomy technicians are important healthcare team members who are responsible for providing patients with high-quality care during blood draws, helping doctors work more efficiently by processing labs, and other tasks that keep a medical … Read more

Allison Woolensack – Student Highlight

Meet The Featured Student of The Month at Boardman Training Center! Boardman Training Center is thrilled to introduce our featured student of the month, Allison Woolensack!  Allison is a current student in BTC’s Cardio Phlebotomy program, where she is learning valuable hands-on skills that she can apply to her future career, including electrocardiograms (EKGs), blood … Read more

What Does A Medical Office Specialist Do?

Are you looking for a career in healthcare that allows you to help patients and work behind the scenes? If so, a career as a medical office specialist may be a perfect fit for you!  Continue reading to discover more about Boardman Training Center’s medical office specialist training program and how this versatile career path … Read more

Meghan Cichon – Student Highlight

BTC Featured Student of The Month! Boardman Training Center is excited to introduce our featured student of the month, Meghan Cichon! Meghan is a current student in BTC’s Medical Office Specialist program, where she is learning valuable skills that she can apply to her future healthcare career. Before entering her current program, Meghan had completed … Read more