Brad Kasnick – Student Highlight

Boardman Training Center’s Featured Student of the Month! Boardman Training Center is pleased to introduce our featured student of the month, Brad Kasnick! Brad is a current student in BTC’s Phlebotomy Technician program, where he is expanding his healthcare knowledge and expanding his skill set through hands-on learning that he will apply to his future … Read more

Why Soft Skills Are Important In Your Career

Updated on 9/11/23 As long as you have to work with people, developing your soft skills will significantly benefit you, regardless of your career. Although the skills you need to be a marketing professional and a nurse may vary, both careers require constant communication. This is why it is crucial to develop your soft skills, … Read more

5 Benefits to Pursuing a Professional Certification

How Earning A Certification Can Help You! For many people looking to enter the job market, it is important to stand out against the competition when it comes to the hiring process. Prospective employers, especially in the healthcare industry, are looking for employees who are prepared and knowledgeable about the field they are applying.  It … Read more