What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

Updated Content 03/27/2024

Are you looking for a healthcare career that allows you to help patients directly and play an important role behind the scenes? If this sounds like you, then a career as a medical assistant may be a great fit for you!What does a medical assistant do

Continue reading to learn more about Boardman Training Center’s accelerated medical assisting training program and how this versatile career path may suit your needs. 

What Is A Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants are essential healthcare team members who use their skills to support nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel in direct patient care and administrative tasks. They are often one of the first points of contact for a patient in a medical facility, making them responsible for shaping the patient’s first impression. 

Medical assistants are equipped with the skills necessary to perform basic hands-on medical procedures and are also trained in back-of-office administrative tasks. Their comprehensive skillset allows them to be well-rounded members of the healthcare team. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant?

Because of their variety of skills, medical assistants have some flexibility in choosing what functions they prefer to complete within a medical facility. For example, a medical assistant who works in a direct patient care role may perform hands-on tasks, including phlebotomy, EKGs, lab tests, and more. 

Whereas a medical assistant who prefers administrative tasks may support their medical facility behind the scenes, completing tasks such as charting, scheduling, managing inventory, answering phones, and more. A large portion of medical assistant positions are a combination of patient care and administrative duties. 

How To Become A Medical Assistant?

The first step in starting your career as a medical assistant is choosing a training program that equips you with the skills you’ll need for your career. By attending BTC’s Medical Assisting program, you are stepping on the path to your medical career! 

Gaining the skills and knowledge needed for your career through education is an excellent way to show potential employers that you can do the job well. Additionally, earning third-party industry-specific certifications* can prove that you have the confidence to apply your skills and knowledge in a real-world setting. Students in Boardman Training Center’s medical assistant training program will be prepared to sit for two National Healthcareer Association certification* exams: 

What To Expect At Boardman Training Center.

Boardman Training Center understands that many students must juggle everyday life and work responsibilities. Adding education into the mix can be challenging, but the BTC team is in your corner to help you have a positive academic experience while balancing family, work, and school. 

Students will complete their training in smaller day or evening classes that allow one-on-one instruction and hands-on practice. We believe that personalized instruction enables students to reach their full potential in their program. Additionally, students at BTC attend school without needing student loans. Our flexible financing options allow students to create an individualized payment plan that makes funding their education possible. 

Get Started On The Path To Your New Career!

Are you ready to become a medical assistant? Don’t put off taking the next step toward your new career. Boardman Training Center is committed to helping you start the process and get on the path to your dream career. 

Contact our admissions team by calling 330-729-9244 or requesting information today. 

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.