Meghan Cichon – Student Highlight

BTC Featured Student of The Month!

Boardman Training Center is excited to introduce our featured student of the month, Meghan Cichon!

Meghan is a current student in BTC’s Medical Office Specialist program, where she is learning valuable skills that she can apply to her future healthcare career. Before entering her current program, Meghan had completed both the Phlebotomy Technician and EKG Technician programs and passed her National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification* exams. 

Before coming to Boardman Training Center, Meghan had attended two more prominent universities but did not enjoy her experiences. She then chose to enroll at BTC because she wanted an education that did not take four years to complete and wanted more one-on-one where there was a feeling that she mattered. 

At Boardman Training Center, you are more than just another student. Our staff and faculty strive to connect with students on a more personal level, making them a part of the BTC family. In fact, she says her favorite parts of attending Boardman Training Center are the size of the classes, the one-on-one aspect, and how friendly everyone is. “I feel like they actually care about each and every one of us,” Meghan says.

BTC Gives You The Skills You Need

Meghan’s motivation to earn her certifications* and to begin working in the healthcare field stems from her desire to help others. Upon graduating from BTC, she hopes to start working in a doctor’s office while continuing her education. In five years, she sees herself still applying the skills she learned at Boardman Training Center to the medical field in a doctor’s office and having financial stability for her family. 

During her Medical Office Specialist training, Meghan will learn skills in phlebotomy, EKGs, charting, medical billing, and more that will make her a well-rounded and valued healthcare team member. She will also prepare to sit for several National Healthcareer Association certification* exams:

She will have also completed the Certified EKG Technician (CET)* and Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)* certification exams, making her well-versed in multiple aspects of healthcare. 

In her Medical Office Specialist training so far, Meghan says that Amanda is her favorite instructor because she is very understanding and makes sure everyone understands everything. Because of BTC’s one-on-one approach to education, every student can expect to receive the same level of attention from their instructors to ensure that all materials are understood. 

The BTC Student Experience

Boardman Training Center understands that students must balance family, work, and school. That’s why our dedicated team is here to help our students through every step of their educational journey. BTC students benefit from evening classes, short-term courses, a small school environment, flexible financing, and preparation for certification* exams that provide students with the skills they need to start their careers in less time. 

Attending short-term training can sometimes seem overwhelming, and Meghan’s advice for students looking to start school at BTC is to “Be prepared, patient, and ask questions! No matter how frustrated you get, just remember it could be worse than it actually is.” At Boardman Training Center, you can expect to feel supported throughout your time as a student. Our instructors and faculty are in your corner, cheering you on throughout your education, and are here to provide you with individualized personal and academic assistance when you need it.

Meghan would recommend Boardman Training Center to anyone seeking a medical training program. She says, “This school has helped me in more ways than one. They care, and that’s so nice to hear and see.” 

Ready to get started at BTC?

Take Meghan’s advice and start your training toward a healthcare career at Boardman Training Center! Contact our admissions team to get started today by calling 330-729-9244 or Requesting Information.