4 Tips For Job Searching Post-Pandemic

Content Updated 01/12/2024

While the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic may be over, its effects on the healthcare industry remain. The pandemic has shifted many aspects of everyday life, including how healthcare professionals search for jobs. As you begin your career in the medical field, check out Boardman Training Center’s tips for job searching in the post-pandemic world.4 Tips For Job Searching Post-Pandemic

1. Enhance Your Digital Presence

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have shifted their hiring tactics to a virtual approach. Utilizing platforms like LinkedIn can help you connect with employers and build a professional network. Before the pandemic, you may have attended a career fair to get in touch with employers in your area. Many have upped their digital presence, so you should also! Be sure to keep your profile updated with the most current information about your education, experience, and skills.

2. Master Virtual Interviewing

Many employers have begun conducting interviews virtually rather than in person. You should be prepared whether it is an initial interview or the entire process being held via phone or video call. Before your interview, ensure your equipment is functioning correctly, your background is professional, and there are no distractions during your interview. Interviewing virtually can be challenging enough, but having to complete the process virtually adds a whole other layer since it is difficult to use body language. Still, it is important to make eye contact, smile, and conduct as if you were in the same room as your interviewer. 

3. Develop Your Skills

The need for qualified healthcare professionals is at an all-time high, making now a great time to enter the medical field. However, many healthcare careers require formal education or certifications*. Attending a training program like those offered at Boardman Training Center is a great way to develop the skills needed to market yourself further as a valuable asset to a healthcare facility. With 12-week training in phlebotomy, EKG, cardio phlebotomy, medical assisting, and medical billing and coding, BTC can help you gain new skills and prepare to sit for industry certifications.

4. Follow Up 

Once you have completed an interview, following up with your interviewer is especially important. Sending an email to thank your interviewer for their time and consideration can make all the difference in solidifying the impression you leave on the hiring manager. In fact, 68% of recruiters stated that receiving a follow-up affects the decision-making process. Setting yourself apart from other candidates can be difficult during virtual interviewing, but taking this extra step can show interest in the position and ensure you leave a good impression.

Start Your Career!

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*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam.