Marlene Lyles – Student Highlight

Marlene Lyles - Student Highlight
Meet Marlene Lyles, our Boardman Training Center student highlight feature for this week!

Marlene is currently enrolled in the Medical Office Specialist career training program here at BTC as she prepares for a new career in the healthcare field.

In this program, Marlene will learn fundamental healthcare skills, including recording vital signs, patient intake, basic wound care, collection of lab specimens, and injections.

While searching for a school to attend, Marlene previously looked at other options but found that BTC offered more credentials, required less mandatory equipment, and had lower tuition costs.

“Once I learned about this program, I chose to do the complete program versus doing EKG and phlebotomy only,” said Marlene.

Completing the Medical Office Specialist program allows Marlene to prepare for additional professional certifications, including Certified Medical Administrative Assistant*, Certified Billing and Coding Specialist*, and Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist*.

Before attending Boardman Training Center, Marlene attended a community college and a larger university. She says, “They were amazing,” and she got to experience both small and large classes. Marlene was also working as a healthcare aide in a nursing home.

Marlene had many things to say when asked what her favorite part of attending Boardman Training Center is. “The staff is amazing; it’s truly my favorite part. The courses aren’t easy if you don’t study, but the staff is committed to making sure that you understand the given information,” said Marlene.

Marlene is about six weeks into the program. So far, her instructor has been Maurisa, and she has great things to say about her. “She was once a student, so she teaches slow and makes sure that she’s informative,” said Marlene. “We have had Sandy a few times as a substitute. Sandy is beyond phenomenal, and I love her personality,” Marlene continued.

After graduation, Marlene wants to work as a medical lab technician in a laboratory. The skills she is learning at Boardman Training Center will help prepare her for this career path.

In five years, Marlene plans to move to North Carolina. She would like her life to be steady and to learn more about her career as she continues to work for a company.

When asked if she would refer BTC to a friend, Marlene says, “Yes, I most definitely will refer BTC to a friend. Not knowing of the program, I brought a friend to attend with me. Now that I’ve attended, I see more of why I would refer more people. The program is informative, but more because the staff wants to see everyone succeed!”

Take the next step toward your new career in healthcare with Boardman Training Center. We offer exciting programs in Cardio Phlebotomy, EKG Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, and Medical Office Specialist. Explore our programs now and request information today to get started!

*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam.