LaVivian Bonner – Student Highlight

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Student of The Month!

LaVivian Bonner - Student HighlightBoardman Training Center is happy to introduce our featured student of the month, LaVivian Bonner!

LaVivian is a current Phlebotomy Technician student, where she is learning the skills and knowledge that will make her a valuable asset to medical facilities upon completion of the program. 

Before attending Boardman Training Center, LaVivian had attended a larger local university after graduating from high school but did not enjoy the larger class sizes. However, at Boardman Training Center, LaVivian will experience smaller class sizes and personalized, one-on-one attention from instructors throughout her time as a student. She enrolled at BTC to start changing her life because of her interest in the medical field. She says, “I also have family in the medical field, and I’ve always felt more connected to the field to learn more.”

From the moment you become a Boardman Training Center student, you are a part of the family. Our instructors, faculty, and staff strive to connect with every student to help them reach their full potential. The BTC team is always in your corner, which is one thing LaVivian appreciates about being a student. “Never be scared to further your education in anything you’d want to pursue,” she says. “The school will make sure you’ll succeed.”

Experience as a Phlebotomy Technician Student.

LaVivian chose Boardman Training Center because of her interest in the medical field, but she specifically chose the Phlebotomy Technician program because she was fascinated with the human body and how it works. Not only has her training at BTC given her the skills and knowledge of phlebotomy to enter the field, but it has also provided her with extra confidence. “[Boardman Training Center has] made me more aware and given me the courage in my knowledge of phlebotomy.”

As a phlebotomy technician student, LaVivian will learn essential skills that she will apply in her career, including:

  • Best Practices for Phlebotomy Technicians
  • Procedures for Specimen Collection
  • Different Types of Skin Puncture Techniques
  • Basic Phlebotomy Skills
  • Proper Use of Specimen Collection Equipment
  • Fundamentals of Medical Terminology, Patient Identification, Physiology, Anatomy, Infection Control, Safety, Universal Precautions, and more.

Not only will LaVivian complete the program with a thorough understanding of the hands-on skills she’ll need to work as a phlebotomy technician, but she will also be prepared to sit for the National Healthcareer Association Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)* exam.

How Boardman Training Center Can Help You.

Many students, like LaVivian, enroll at a large college or university and dislike the large class sizes and lack of attention from instructors. Boardman Training Center’s education model focuses on providing students with quality training through a small-school experience. Each student can expect to receive individual time with their instructor to help them succeed. In fact, one of LaVivian’s favorite parts of attending BTC is her phlebotomy instructor. “She is such an amazing teacher,” she says. “Her method is kind of firm, and she makes sure the lesson taught will stick and [be] understandable.”

Additionally, BTC students will benefit from flexible financing, evening classes, and career guidance during their time as a student and beyond. Because the BTC team provides students with resume writing assistance, interview preparation, and other student resources, LaVivian will be supported even upon graduation. She hopes to begin working in a hospital setting as a phlebotomist while working her way up. Five years from now, her goal is to work in the anesthetic field. 

“With the knowledge I have as of now, I’ll prosper into my next level in my life,” LaVivian says. The team at Boardman Training Center hopes to help each student take steps to become the best version of themselves by providing quality, accelerated medical training. We wish LaVivian the best of luck in her future career as a phlebotomist and beyond!

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