Jamie Pekarick – Student Highlight

Jamie Pekarick is a student at Boardman Training Center (BTC) and enrolled in the Cardio Phlebotomy Program. Jamie was referred to BTC by a friend after graduating from high school. Prior, to attending BTC Jamie started her own business making shirts and was a young mom. However, the medical field has always been an interest of Jamie’s, and she wanted to attend a school that could introduce her to the medical world by providing hands-on training, one on one support, and the ability to start a career in a short time frame.

Jamie stated, “My favorite part of attending BTC is the students and staff! I love making new friends, having smaller classes and receiving hands-on training! My favorite instructor is Dave because is an amazing teacher, knows a lot of helpful information, and makes learning fun. Steve is also a great teacher. The classes are always enjoyable and he teaches complicated class material in a way that helps you understand.”

Jamie has referred a few friends to the training program because it is everything, she wanted in a career school (small classes, hands-on training, great students and staff). After graduation, Jamie would like to start her career as a Cardio Phlebotomy Technician and focus on providing her son a happy life.


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