Graduate Highlight – Randy Flores

Boardman Training Center’s Featured Graduate of the Month, Randy Flores!

Boardman Training Center (BTC) is thrilled to introduce our featured graduate of the month, Randy Flores! Randy recently graduated from BTC’s Medical Billing and Coding program, where he learned valuable skills to help him thrive in his career. 

Randy Flores - Graduate HighlightAfter experiencing the fast-paced and demanding atmosphere of a larger college, Randy made the decision to change his path and join Boardman Training Center. He was convinced that BTC could equip him with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance his business. Today, Randy’s success story includes not only owning and operating a transportation business, God Is Good Transportation, but also expanding to allow his customers the option to use Medicaid to cover the cost of transport.  

Randy acquired a range of practical skills through BTC’s 12-week billing and coding training program. These include insurance billing, strategies to prevent medical claims fraud and abuse, record management, ethical coding, and more. He specifically chose this program to gain skills and knowledge that would enhance his ability to file claims for his business. 

Randy feels that his time at Boardman Training Center has benefitted his future. When asked who his favorite instructor was, he stated that Amanda Huff, teaching the billing and coding class, was a significant help, “She takes her time to explain things and is very helpful and knowledgeable in her field,” he said. 

With the valuable knowledge that Randy has gained from BTC, his future as a business owner looks brighter than ever. His main goal is to continue successfully running his transportation business, where he provides transportation to patients with medical needs. The skills he obtained in the billing and coding training program allowed Randy to thoroughly understand the billing process, which can help him provide further care to his customers. Then, in five years, he would like to be able to begin building his own home. 

When asked if he would refer Boardman Training Center to a friend, Randy has several reasons why he would recommend attending BTC. “It’s very helpful and cost-efficient,” he said. “Also, because the teachers are knowledgeable and will help you with any questions you may have.” 

Randy’s suggestion for someone interested in attending Boardman Training Center is to stay focused. “Whatever you are going to school for is to better your future,” he advises. “Don’t be scared to ask questions.” 

About Boardman Training Center

Boardman Training Center is a trusted educator providing career-focused healthcare training to Northeastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania residents. Committed to student success and career development, BTC offers programs designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for healthcare careers in a matter of months. 

One of the key features of Boardman Training Center is its hands-on approach to learning, where students gain valuable experience through classroom instruction and lab scenarios. This practical training allows students to solidify their knowledge and build confidence in their skills before entering the workforce. Students are also prepared to sit for industry-specific certification* exams to showcase their abilities further. 

BTC is an excellent option for students who must balance family, work, and school. Our flexible day or evening classes allow students to pursue a better future without sacrificing their personal and professional lives. Smaller class sizes allow instructors to utilize a one-on-one approach to education and create a strong support network for students during their time at BTC and beyond. 

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*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.