How An Externship Can Help
You In Your Future Career

So you have made the decision to further your education and pursue a healthcare career. Congratulations on taking this important first step in your career journey! In your research, you may have heard the term externship when discussing the hands-on training you can expect in your program of choice. 

Boardman Training Center is here to help you understand why an externship is essential and how choosing a program that incorporates an externship can benefit your career. Read on to discover more about how an externship can help your future career!

What Is An Externship?

An externship is a unique experience that allows students to learn the hands-on skills needed for their careers in a real-world setting alongside industry professionals. Externships also serve as a way for students to connect with those in the healthcare community, where they will seek employment after graduation. Externships provide an additional layer of training experience that students will not receive just by classroom instruction, making them invaluable to the learning experience. 

Now that we know what an externship is and what experience sets out to accomplish, let’s see how attending a program that provides this opportunity will benefit your future.

How An Externship Can Help You In Your Future CareerYou’ll Gain Valuable Experience

A healthcare externship is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in their chosen field. This experience allows students to better understand their field by applying their skills in a real-world setting.

During your externship, you will get the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals in a medical facility. This allows you to become comfortable with the tasks you will be performing in your career and the environment in which you will be working post-graduation. 

You’ll Develop Your Skills

Our hands-on skill training approach sets Boardman Training Center apart from other schools. Our education model is built around providing students with the skills they need to be successful in their chosen careers. Classroom instruction is valuable, but having the confidence to apply the skills learned to a real-world scenario is crucial. This is precisely what an externship provides students with. 

Not only will you gain confidence through practicing your hands-on skills in a medical setting, but you will also develop your soft skills. Skills like communication and collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking are essential to providing quality care to patients.  

You’ll Make Professional Connections

Networking is a vital component of any career, and a healthcare externship can provide a valuable opportunity to make professional connections with those already in the medical community. By working alongside these professionals in a medical facility, you can establish relationships that will benefit your career.

During your externship, you have the potential to work alongside physicians, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare team members that can act as mentors and references. Developing a good relationship with the employees at your externship location could lead to a position after graduation. 

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