The Emerging Trend of Skills-Based Learning

Content Updated 03/20/2024

Technology has changed how the world conducts business. As a result, companies have also had to adapt their hiring strategies. According to an article published by Forbes, skills-based hiring is on the rise. Because of this, educators have had to adjust their education methods. At many institutions, students have begun learning through skills-based curriculum, hands-on training, and real-world experience. skills-based learning

Boardman Training Center’s accelerated, skills-based learning approach prepares students for healthcare careers in months rather than years. Keep reading to learn the importance of skills-based education! 

What Is Skills-Based Learning?

Skills-based learning builds on students’ classroom knowledge, encouraging them to think critically while applying their skills in hands-on situations. This type of training allows students to gain valuable practice with career-specific skills for their chosen field. Skills-based learning can be applied to real-life situations through lab and clinical experiences and their careers. 

Why All the Focus on Skills?

Employers are looking for employees who can hit the ground running. Candidates who already have the necessary skills for specialized jobs are better prepared to perform their job duties once hired. Training new employees can be labor-intensive and costly. Meanwhile, hiring employees who have already learned valuable job skills is more effective and efficient. 

Increasing the focus on skills-based training allows students to stay updated on best practices, trends, and technology in their chosen field. The medical field is an excellent example of why skills-based training is essential. Future medical professionals must be trained on the latest techniques and technology but may not require the information that general education courses would provide.

Learning in a skills-based environment prepares students with the most advanced skills needed. This approach aims to bridge the gap between what employers need in candidates and the skills students will have upon graduation. 

What Are the Benefits of This?

Choosing a career training program that emphasizes skills-based learning allows students to start their careers faster. Because these programs are designed for students to take only the necessary classes, they can expect to complete the program in less time than a traditional school with unnecessary general education requirements.

Boardman Training Center’s healthcare training programs are designed to meet the needs of local employers, preparing students to enter the workforce with the skills they need to be successful. In addition, students will gain valuable hands-on lab experience and prepare to sit for industry-specific certifications*.

How Do You Choose the Right Program?

With many options available, choosing the right career path for you is important. Boardman Training Center makes it easy to find the right program that teaches the skills you’ll need for your future career. BTC’s current program offerings include medical assisting, billing and coding, EKG, phlebotomy, and cardio phlebotomy

You should choose a career training program that offers practical ways to develop your skills while gaining experience, such as hands-on training, interactive labs, and certification* preparation. All of these things are incorporated directly into the curriculum at BTC. 

Get Started at Boardman Training Center!

If you’re ready to enroll in a career training program that gives you the skills-based learning experience you need to succeed in today’s job market, we are here to help you! 

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*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.