Karen Schaffert – Student Highlight

Meet Karen Schaffert, our Boardman Training Center student highlight of the month! 

Karen is a current student in Boardman Training Center’s Cardio Phlebotomy program and is on track to graduate in May of 2023. Before attending BTC, Karen went to a state university, where she loved her experience.

Before making the career change to the healthcare field, Karen worked as a preschool teacher. Her career in early education spanned 30 years and two premier preschools in the area.  

Why choose Boardman Training Center?

Karen chose to return to school to extend her education because of her son, a doctor and hospitalist. By taking classes at Boardman Training Center, Karen is able to complete her Cardio Phlebotomy program and be prepared to sit for industry-specific certification* exams in only 24 weeks. BTC’s accelerated programs and convenient campus location in Boardman, Ohio, are a few of the reasons many students, including Karen, choose to further their education at Boardman Training Center.

Another aspect of the Boardman Training Center that many students seek is the hands-on training element that education at BTC provides. Regardless of their desired program, students at BTC can expect to learn hands-on skills that they will apply in the workforce. Boardman Training Center’s goal is to prepare students for their future careers quickly. Karen believes that her education thus far has provided her with an excellent training experience, “BTC training makes a person confident in their skill set.”

Get the most out of your training!

At Boardman Training Center, our instructors equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace because they have worked and gained experience in the field. Karen’s favorite instructor so far during her educational journey is Mrs. Tomlin because she is “comprehensive in teaching skills and has ‘real-world’ experience because she works in the field.” 

Students in programs at Boardman Training Center will benefit from a unique approach to education, including short-term, small classes where they will practice the technical skills needed in their careers. In addition, BTC students will be prepared to sit for industry-specific National Healthcareer Association certification* exams, which can provide them with a competitive advantage when it comes time to begin looking for a position in a healthcare facility. 

Karen’s favorite part of attending the Boardman Training Center is that she has the ability to learn and practice new material. Her advice to anyone looking to start schooling at BTC is to study hard. Attending an accelerated program means that more material is being taught in a shorter amount of time, so being on top of studying is essential to every student’s success. 

Boardman Training Center prepares you for your future!

Because Boardman Training Center focuses on skill development, graduates are prepared to enter their careers and excel. In five years, Karen hopes to live with her son, who inspired her to enter the healthcare field and work at the Mayo Clinic as either an EKG Technician or Phlebotomy Technician. She hopes that as she completes her training at BTC, she will better know which route she will take after graduating.

Classes at Boardman Training Center are designed to help student juggle their everyday lives with school work. A few ways BTC supports students include flexible financing, evening classes, and short-term individual courses. BTC understands that students need to balance family, work, and school, so our instructors and faculty are there to assist students in any way they need. 

By building relationships with students, our faculty and staff make a lasting impact on our students both personally and professionally. When asked if she would recommend Boardman Training Center to a friend, Karen says she would because of the teachers and the excellent training. She advises incoming students to “get to know your fellow students.” The bonds created at Boardman Training Center can guide you through your education and beyond.

Want to get started?

Can you see yourself in Karen’s shoes, working toward a healthcare career you are passionate about? The Boardman Training Center admissions team is here to help you get started in an accelerated program today! Contact us by calling 330-729-9244 or Request Information.

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.