Jenna Lanterman – Student Highlight

Jenna Lanterman is a student at the Boardman Training Center (BTC) in the Cardio Phlebotomy Technician program. Jenna enrolled in the program after seeing a commercial on T.V. As a child, she needed a lot of blood work due to medical issues and was always fascinated by the process. When it came time to choose a program, that is what she went with. Prior to attending BTC, Jenna attended cosmetology school but was unable to complete the program because of an asthma diagnosis. Jenna was working in a daycare with no benefits or insurance and realized that to bring home a more substantial income with benefits, she needed to obtain some additional career training. Jenna wanted to make this change for herself and her family.

Jenna’s favorite part of attending Boardman Training Center are the students and the staff because of their helpfulness and friendliness.  Mr. LaRosa is my favorite instructor because he shares real-life experiences that help us understand the course work

“I love the training that Boardman Training Center provided me, and I already referred a few other people that can benefit from their programs!” Within the next five years, Jenna’s goal is to find a positive work environment that allows her to use her knowledge, strengths, and abilities to enhance her career, while benefiting her family.


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