Boardman Training Center’s Favorite Christmas Carols

The enchantment of the holiday season is upon us! The smell of delightful sweets floats through the air while homes sparkle with twinkling lights. A symphony of joyous sounds fills our ears, letting us know it is Christmastime. At the heart ofBTC's Favorite Christmas Carols the celebration are carols, each becoming the soundtrack to the holiday season and creating precious memories lasting for years.

From classic carols to contemporary hits, Boardman Training Center students and staff share their favorite Christmas carols and why they love them.

Jennifer Fellows, BTC Admissions Team Member

Jennifer’s favorite Christmas carol is associated with a fond memory growing yearly! As a child, her mom used to play Little Alter Boy by Carpenters while they decorated the house for Christmas. As an adult, Jennifer has carried on this tradition; she says, “Their album always means it’s Christmas time at the Fellow’s household!”

Ariana Chester, BTC Medical Billing & Coding Student

The song The First Noel is special to Ariana, as her father named her after the classic Christmas carol. Countless artists have sung the song, and it has become a staple in the holiday season. It is one of Ariana’s favorites because she “loves the meaning behind it.”

Paige Pavlock, BTC Cardio Phlebotomy Student

For Paige, Christmas brings sweet memories of singing with her grandmothers. Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is becoming a modern classic, and it has always been Paige’s go-to Christmas song. She hopes that when she starts her family, the song brings as much joy to them as it has to her around the holidays.

Tamesha Boyd, BTC EKG Technician Student

Tamesha’s favorite song is a Christmas classic– Silent Night. This song was initially composed in 1818, but many artists have created their own renditions over the years. Tamesha loves the song because it has great harmonies.

Carley Calubrette, BTC EKG Technician Student

For Carley, the holiday season is a time of nostalgia, and song is one of the many things that bring back youthful memories. Her favorite Christmas carol, O Christmas Tree, reminds her of her preschool Christmas concert. “It always brings me back to when I was little and the holidays,” she says.

Ashley Romero, BTC EKG Technician Student 

Ashley’s favorite holiday tune is the classic Silent Night because it has a calming effect. She says she sings the hymn to her kids throughout the year, not only at Christmastime. 

Emily Fisher, BTC EKG Technician Student

For Emily, the newer classic All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey lets her know it is the holidays. She loves the song because of how catchy it is, and many would agree! The song was originally recorded in 1994 but has since been covered many times.

Kiwan Beacham, BTC Phlebotomy Technician Student

Kiwan’s favorite Christmas carol is the classic Jingle Bells. He loves the song because he remembers singing it in the school auditorium before watching The Polar Express and eating popcorn, and it brings him so much joy.

Kelly Rekot, BTC Phlebotomy Technician Student

Kelly’s favorite Christmas song takes her back to when she was a child and lost her teeth. The song All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) has stuck with her since she was young. “When I was 7, I lost my two front teeth,” Kelly says. “The song was playing, and it just stuck.”

Happy Holidays From Boardman Training Center!

The BTC family hopes your holiday is merry and bright! May you make precious memories with your loved ones this year. 

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