What Does A Medical Office Specialist Do?

Are you looking for a career in healthcare that allows you to help patients and work behind the scenes? If so, a career as a medical office specialist may be a perfect fit for you! 

Continue reading to discover more about Boardman Training Center’s medical office specialist training program and how this versatile career path could fit into your life.

What Is A Medical Office Specialist?

Medical office specialists are well-rounded healthcare professionals equipped with the skills to work in multiple areas of a medical facility. These professionals are often the patient’s first point of contact in a healthcare setting and are trained to provide direct patient care.

Medical office specialists are essential team members that ensure medical facilities run smoothly behind the scenes. In addition to being trained in specific medical skills, medical office professionals also must develop solid soft skills, including communication, teamwork, adaptability, and more.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Medical Office Specialist?

BTC Blog What Does A Medical Office Specialist DoBecause medical office professionals are trained in both patient care and office administrative tasks, they have the flexibility to decide what type of medical facility best suits the responsibilities they would like to carry out in their careers. 

Some direct patient care tasks you could perform include collecting laboratory specimens, injections, patient intake, basic wound care, and more. In addition, you can expect to become comfortable with phlebotomy, EKGs, lab work, and other basic patient care tasks in your training.

You will also be qualified to assist with medical facility administrative tasks, including charting, scheduling, managing inventory, answering phones, and other responsibilities. Your time at Boardman Training Center will also provide you with hands-on preparation in medical billing and basic coding, hospital admissions, and medical insurance. 

How To Become A Medical Office Specialist?

The first step in starting your career as a medical office professional is choosing a training program that equips you with the skills you’ll need in your career. By attending the Medical Office Specialist program at Boardman Training Center, you are opening the door to your future medical career in less than one year! 

Gaining the skills and knowledge needed in your career is a great way to show employers that you can do the job well; however, the option to earn industry-specific certifications* can prove to potential employers that you have the confidence and competence to apply them in a real-world setting. Students in the Boardman Training Center medical office training program will be prepared to sit for several National Healthcareer Association certification exams:

What To Expect At Boardman Training Center.

Boardman Training Center understands that many students are busy juggling everyday life and work responsibilities. Adding schooling into the mix can be challenging, but our staff and faculty work tirelessly to ensure students have the best possible academic experience. 

You’ll complete your training in small day or evening classes that allow our instructors to have personalized, one-on-one time with each student. We believe this education model enables every student to reach their full potential in learning. In addition, students have the ability to attend school without the need for student loans. With our flexible financing options, Boardman Training Center helps every student create a payment plan that will allow them to work toward their future.

Get Started On The Path To Your New Career!

Are you ready to become a medical office professional? Don’t put off getting the training you need to start your new career. Boardman Training Center’s dedicated admissions team is here to help you start the process and get on the path to a better future. Call us today at 330-729-9244 or Request Information to get started.

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.