Tips for Job Searching During a Pandemic

A pandemic may affect how we search for jobs vs. the way we did before. It is becoming increasingly common for recruiters to conduct interviews through videoconferencing, and your online presence may be more prevalent if you are not available to meet in person.

While job search processes have changed, there are still ways you can make the process less taxing and more rewarding.

Check out our top tips for securing a job during a pandemic!

Determine Your Career Goals

Tips for Job Searching During a Pandemic

A successful job search begins with a clear understanding of your career goals. To achieve this, you must ask yourself questions about who you are and what you hope to accomplish in life. Is working with people more enjoyable than working with technology? Where do I see myself in five years?

In order to effectively search for a job, you must first determine what career goals you want to achieve. This will involve answering questions about yourself and your future goals. Ask yourself: What are my interests and strengths? Would I like to work for a particular type of company? Would I prefer to work with people or with technology? In five years, how do I envision my life?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine which career path would be most suitable for you. An occupation in phlebotomy might be a good choice if you are interested in healthcare, like working with people and like helping others.

Start Your Job Search

After defining your career goals and completing your training, such as our accelerated Phlebotomy Technician training program, you’re ready to look for a job. Be sure to include all necessary education, experience, and credentials on your resume and LinkedIn profile. When hiring managers consider you for a job, these factors are normally taken into account.

It’s also good to review your other social media accounts to ensure that nothing could disqualify you from a potential job. As a result of the pandemic, employers are increasingly conducting the hiring process virtually, so recruiters are more likely to examine social media profiles.

To stay on track, set aside dedicated time for job searching. Check the websites and job postings of companies you would like to work for to see if they have any openings. There are a variety of job search sites, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Simply Hired, CareerBuilder, and even Google. By setting up notifications, you’ll be the first to learn about new job opportunities.

It is also beneficial to use your professional network to search for job openings. Make sure others in your network know you are looking for a job and the type you’re interested in. This will enable them to keep you in mind when any positions become available.

Prepare for Interviews

The preparation for an interview during a pandemic is a bit different since many interviews are now conducted virtually via phone or video conference. While the interview may be different from a face-to-face meeting, you still need to prepare in advance.

Have a friend help you practice in-person, video, and phone interview skills. Practice before your interview so you’ll feel more confident and relaxed. When filming your practice video, consider the items in the background that you wouldn’t want a hiring manager to see.

Prepare a list of questions that you wish to ask before your video interview. During the hiring manager’s interview, you are also evaluating the company to determine whether it is a place you want to work. Ask questions about the company culture, the working environment, and the job you are applying for.

Dressing for success is still imperative, regardless of whether you are interviewing via video or in person. It is likely that recruiters will view your torso and up, so dress professionally to make a positive first impression.

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