Our Favorite Holiday Traditions At Boardman Training Center

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the staff of the Boardman Training Center takes a moment to reflect on their most cherished family holiday traditions and the associated memories. Continue reading to discover how the BTC family celebrates this magical time of the year!
Our Favorite Holiday Traditions At Boardman Training Center

Jennifer Fellows – Admissions Team Member

For Jennifer, the holidays are a time to connect with family and reflect on the past year. Her favorite tradition is to gather with her family and answer one question, “What would you wish for that didn’t happen this year?” As they each share, the family brainstorms how to help the person achieve their goal. This tradition was started by Jennifer’s brother when he was little, and the family has continued it since. Jennifer recalls her favorite memory of this tradition: her husband wished for more money, and her dad would stuff pennies in socks to gift him throughout the year. She says that he finally got his wish of money, and they all have a funny memory to look back on.

Laura Durch – Introduction to Healthcare
and EKG Instructor

In Laura’s home, the holidays are a great opportunity to express love and show gratitude. Her family does this by writing letters to each other on Christmas. This sweet tradition started when she and her husband were newlyweds fifteen years ago and has continued throughout the years, and now includes their daughter. Laura loves this tradition because it is a great way to express their families love and commitment formally, so she keeps the letters in a safe place to read in the future to see their long-standing support for each other. 

Sandy Poynter – Campus Director

For Sandy, the best part of Christmas happens on Christmas Eve when her sons get to open one gift before Christmas morning. She says they started this tradition when her boys were little, and their family continued it as they grew up. Christmas Eve is a time when many families get together to spend time with one another and create cherished memories with loved ones. Another of Sandy’s most-loved parts of the holiday season is spending time with her family for a meal, gift exchange, and taking family photos. 

Kelly Bartlebaugh – Administrative Assistant

Kelly’s favorite part of the holiday season is her family’s annual movie-themed Christmas party. She says this year’s party theme is “The Scrooge,” It is her favorite tradition because her family spends the entire year planning and getting ideas for the party each year. Kelly’s loved ones get together to watch the movie and make precious memories of spending time together. Holiday movies are a great opportunity to get together with family and friends to share laughs and create cherished holiday traditions. Planning an entire party over a year for Kelly’s family makes this time even more special. She also remembers her favorite holiday with her family being one year when they played laser tag in the dark together.

Happy Holidays From The Boardman Training Center Family!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our staff’s most-loved holiday traditions! Spending time with the special people in your life can be even more memorable by establishing holiday traditions. The Boardman Training Center family wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season, making precious memories with loved ones!