Eboni W. – Graduate Highlight

Introducing Boardman Training Center’s Graduate of The Month, Eboni W!

Boardman Training Center is thrilled to present Eboni W, our featured graduate of the Cardio/Phlebotomy program! Her success story is a testament to the transformative power of our programs. Read on to discover how Eboni’s journey, her program, and the support she received from Boardman Training Center paved the way for her new healthcare career!

Eboni’s Experience at BTC

For many students, including Eboni, Boardman Training Center isn’t their first educational experience. Some students want a career change and need training, while others attended a larger institution and decided they wanted something more personalized. No matter the reasoning behind choosing BTC, we are here to help you along the path to success. 

For Eboni, there was no time like the present to change her life. After a life-changing layoff, she decided it was time to return to school to pursue the healthcare career she had always thought of. While she had been out of college for nearly three decades, she was nervous about transitioning from working professional to student, but Boardman Training Center made her feel right at home.

“The smaller class sizes and personalized help/attention I felt I would get made me feel more comfortable than going to a bigger school,” Eboni said. “I think the staff cares about the students, and they want us to be prepared.”

Many factors drew Eboni to Boardman Training Center, including the one-on-one instruction, smaller class sizes, shorter time frame, and certification* preparation.  Eboni also appreciates the focus on hands-on skills, such as performing phlebotomy and EKGs, and that she can learn quickly and be productive in the job market. “I think the skills I have learned and am learning will give me a good starting foundation for this new career I’m embarking on,” Eboni said. 

When considering her future career, Eboni prioritizes working in a fun, productive, and healthy environment. “I want to be happy with what I am doing while making a decent living,” she said. Her cardio/phlebotomy training will open a variety of opportunities in the healthcare industry, including working in hospitals, private clinics, labs, and more. 

Boardman Training Center has provided the foundational skills necessary for Eboni to find a position that fits her lifestyle and career aspirations. She will also be able to use her healthcare skills to help others and positively impact her community. “I’m still deciding on which route I would like to take. EKG and the heart are very interesting to me, but I definitely want to put my phlebotomy skills to use,” Eboni said. “Some type of traveling care provider may be an option.”

When asked if she would recommend attending Boardman Training Center, she feels the school can help anyone achieve their career goals. “I truly believe they want us to do well and succeed,” she said. “Know the staff here wants you to succeed and will support you in reaching your goals.” 

Boardman Training Center Is Here For You!

No matter your past educational or work background, BTC is here to help you gain the skills and experience you need for a successful healthcare career. With training in medical assisting, phlebotomy, EKG, and medical billing and coding, each student can find their niche. 

For those thinking about attending school, take Eboni’s advice about BTC. “Go for it, no matter how young or old. It’s doable,” she said. “They’re very encouraging as well.”

Be like Eboni and change your life by attending one of Boardman Training Center’s accelerated healthcare programs. Get started today by calling our admissions team at 330-729-9244 or requesting information!  

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.